Naked and Unlaid. Cologne (wholesale)

Naked and Unlaid. Cologne (wholesale)

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Black Pepper~Coffee~Grapefruit~Hops~Benzoin

0.0125 OZ Sample Size MAP - $5.00

1 OZ Full Size MAP - $50.00

Online dating got you down? Look no further.

Get ready for your next hook up with our intoxicating scent to put some pep back in your step as you brave the urban jungle.

Swipe right on our aromatic cologne of black pepper, coffee, grapefruit, hops, and benzoin.

This carefully cultivated blend combines a two-month infusion of crushed peppercorns, small batch roasted coffee beans, hand peeled grapefruit rinds, and local brewery hops with organic olive oil and a blend of pure essential oils.

Net Weight:  sample: 0.0125 oz. / full: 1 oz

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Note: Because each of our scents are carefully handcrafted in small batches from nature’s finest ingredients, color and individual note intensity can vary between batches and seasons.