Don't Be A Prick. Cologne (wholesale)

Don't Be A Prick. Cologne (wholesale)

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Clove~Lavender~Pinyon~Sage~Tea Tree

0.0125 OZ Sample Size MAP - $5.00

1 OZ Full Size MAP - $50.00

Love-life lost in the desert?

It’s time to make like a camel and hump with this sultry blend of fresh herbs designed to spark some heat between your sheets.

Bask in the desert sun with the aroma of clove leaves, lavender, pinyon, sage, and tea tree.

This carefully cultivated blend combines a two-month infusion of crushed clove buds, organically grown lavender and sage, and hand-harvested pinyon sap from high up in the Colorado mountains with organic olive oil and a blend of pure essential oils.

Net Weight:  sample: 0.0125 oz. / full: 1 oz

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Note: Because each of our scents are carefully handcrafted in small batches from nature’s finest ingredients, color and individual note intensity can vary between batches and seasons.