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Wholesale + Commissions



Get a little Made in California into your life.

Our Scent Diffusers are available for wholesale purchase for brick & mortar shops and subscription box services. We offer two versions - with or without the scent diffuser reviver.

Please get in touch for more information and to register as a wholesale customer. 



Nothing is more memorable than a smell. 

From the salty, briny smells of summers spent at the ocean and the clean and earthy smells of adventures in the mountains, to the floral sweetness of a wedding day and the comforting smells of home.

Scent is our strongest tie to memory, so what better way to pay tribute to an important moment or place in your life then with your own one-of-a-kind custom scent, handcrafted just for you that's unique to your story and style. 

For more information on a having a custom scent crafted just for you or your brand please get in touch.