Stuff you should know.

we think.


Due to agricultural and alcohol shipping restrictions outside the United States, we only sell and ship to the US (sorry Canada). We can't stop you from buying it here and sneaking it over there, but, that's none of our business. If the fuzz comes knocking we know how to play dumb.


All our scents come in "Themed" packaging so you can totally be a cheapskate and not wrap anything before handing it over (don't you just love us?). When it comes to packaging orders, we use upcycled and recyclable materials to be as eco friendly as possible. So be sure to be an upstanding human being and reuse, recycle and compost it ok? Let's keep Mother Nature on our side. 


In our opinion the whole "shipping cost by weight thing" blows so we do an $8 flat rate shipping on any order. That's it. So, since you're already spending the dough you might as well enjoy the ride and get yourself everything you want. A little gluttony never hurt anyone. 

Refunds + Exchanges

We don't do them and no amount of sweet talking or donuts (and we really love donuts) will change our minds. It's a whole sanitary thing, you know? So, please be sure before you buy. If you don't like what you got you can always get a head start on your contribution to the white elephant Christmas party at your office. Hey, it beats a box of obnoxiously scented potpourri.


You'll never find any funky, can never pronounce, chemical crap in our stuff. All our scents and products are made from natural, from the earth ingredients (basically totally hippy dippy except we shave our pits and stuff). Unlike other brands who just buy ingredients and slap it together, we actually grow it, wild harvest it, and source it from top quality suppliers. Bonus points for our products being vegan (except for our scent solids which have beeswax in them). Every time you make a purchase a bald eagle sings "Born Free" so give yourself a well deserved pat on the back. You've earned it.


When it comes to scent making, we're pretty old school around here. Our scents take a few months to craft, and when we're all out, we're out until the next batch is ready or new ingredients sprout from the earth. Kind of makes that whole "supply in demand" theory a real thing doesn't it? 


You may notice some blobs or swirls in our scents from time to time. Relax, that's totally normal. Our liquid scents are 100% oil and our spray scents are an oil, alcohol and witch hazel blend so it's totally natural for some of the ingredients to separate. Don't worry, it doesn't affect the quality or potency of the scent. Sometimes it just takes two ingredients from two different worlds time to jive together. Just give the bottle a little shaky shake before using.

Shelf Life

Well, since we're totally responsible (according to the state of California), we should tell you that the shelf life of your scent product will be around 12 months. However, since these products are 100% natural with no chemical preservatives or junk in them, they can actually last a bit longer. When in doubt, look at it and sniff it. If it looks "off" or smells "off" to you then it's probably time to get a replacement.  But, you can totally ignore common sense and live on the edge of danger if you want. It's totally up to you, ya daredevil. 

Oil Based Scents ----------- 12 months or longer

Solid Scents ----------------- 12 months or longer

Spray Scents ---------------- 6 to 12 months max

Bottom line, keep scents out of direct sunlight and heat, and be sure to store in a cool, dry place. Kind of like a precious little baby that your probably too trusting best friend has left in your care.


Interested in carrying Made in California in your retail joint? Yeah, you know you do. Head over to the wholesale page for more information and to apply. You know you want us.


Want a custom scent for your retail space, your hotel, or your sold out concert tour merch table? Yeah, we can do that. Duh. Head over to the collaborations page for more info. It's cool, you smell like you need us.