Fallafuckinglujah. Fire Cracker

Fallafuckinglujah. Fire Cracker



Summers burnt itself out bitches, time to simmer down this fall with a favorite sweater and a cup of chai by a roaring fire.

It's time to say Fallefuckinglujah with the aroma of woodland sage, brisk rosemary, scintillating orange, and chipper pine.

Perk up your pumpkins and get ready to bob for more than apples this fall season. Time to roll in the hay, the sheets, or wherever the streets find you.

Trick or treat.

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Place between a few logs, ignite, and relax while you enjoy the intoxicating autumnal scent fills the air. Just don’t touch the flames ok? Be the responsible one for a change.

Made with dried sage, rosemary, orange peels, pine, birch, pinyon, eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit mint, spearmint, lemon balm and grapevine bark all neatly packaged up in a paper bag ready for your burning pleasure.