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About Natural scents

Unlike chemically-based commercial fragrances, natural scents do not last all day long like synthetics do. Because they are crafted without any type of chemical preservative or manufactured fragrance, they do not stay as long on the skin, therefore reapplying mid day is common to do so.  Scents will typically smell sharper and brighter upon first application, and then will slowly evolve into a more subtle scent that blends with your body chemistry and pH balance thus giving you your own unique smell. Due to this fact, scents can smell much different on your skin than straight out of the bottle. Scents evolve over the course of wearing them, and they have a deep intricacy that cannot be found in synthetic fragrances.  Unlike the migraine triggering commercial fragrances that you will find in the beauty department at the mall, natural scents are enjoyably more satisfying and subtle to all the senses.


Scent is a very personal choice, that can enhance your over all presence and energy. It can make you happy or sad, be attached to beautiful memories, people, places and things. Wearing a scent not only helps to create your story, but knowing that it's made in very small hand made batches utilizing centuries old processes without any shortcuts makes it even more special. Good things take time, they're well worth the wait.

Commercially produced chemically-based fragrances, are easily irritating to those with allergies and sensitivities. While people can still have sensitivity issues with natural scents, most who have reactions to commercial fragrances will not have a problem with natural scents.

Natural scents do not expand the way synthetic scents do. They stay closer to the body, making a more subtle impact instead of filling up the room with harmful odors like chemically-based commercial fragrances do. Because of this, natural scents will entice others close to you and not repel them away like a synthetic fragrance saturated person that causes you to recoil in horror during your morning elevator commute up to your office.


Keep all scent products away from direct sunlight, and store in a cool, dry space. DO NOT leave scents (solid or otherwise) in cars, or other spaces where heat is a factor. Products will not only melt (solid) but can easily go rancid from the heat, rendering them useless very quickly. Be sure to perform a test patch prior to using. Dab a very small amount on your skin for 24 hours to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult a physician if you plan to use. Plant extracts can be very powerful, and therefor can be too strong for contact with infants. Use scent products only for their intended purpose only and avoid eye area. Do not consume. 


Products are gluten free and vegan except for scent solids (contains beeswax). Products may contain nut oils such as sweet almond. Please check individual product listings for more ingredients. Products contain concentrated plant oils and materials that may cause a reaction if you have a plant allergy. Please do a 24 hour test patch first.

the difference between scent oils, solids AND SPRAYS

The strength of a natural scent is based more on the specific plant essences in a blend, not the carrier base. Earthy woods, roots, and spices tend to last much longer than delicate florals, herbs, and citrus.

Scent Oils

A blend of botanically infused carrier oils and distilled oils, scent oils release from the skin more easily. Because top notes are easily dominant upon first application to the skin, it takes a few minutes before the true scent settles in. Because bottled oils seal better, they have a longer shelf life and are more stable through different weather seasons.

Scent Solids

A blend of botanically infused carrier oils and distilled oils solidified in beeswax, scent solids release from the skin more slowly. Because top notes are less dominant due to entrapment in the beeswax, the base notes last a little longer on the skin. Solid scents are more accurate smelling straight from the container and upon first application to the skin. Scent solid molecules evaporate from the beeswax when activated with heat and therefore are stronger in the warmer seasons, with less potency in the colder seasons.

Scent Sprays

A blend of botanically infused alcohol, witch hazel, distilled oils and triple filtered rain water, scent sprays act as multi-purpose light body spray and refresher. Scent molecules evaporate evenly, slower in the colder seasons and faster in the warmer seasons.

shelf life

All scent oils and solids are free of water, therefore bacteria and mold cannot grow. Scent oils can begin to loose their more delicate notes (citrus, florals, etc.) after 12 months (1 year) and earthier notes can begin to get stronger at that point. Even though the scent may change or fade after that 1 year period, scent oils never really go bad (so to speak), they just loose their potency over time. It depends on which botanicals and other natural materials the the scent oil is crafted from and how it is stored. Scent solids loose their potency around the six month mark as they're exposed to more oxygen every time you open the lid, which breaks it scent strength down faster. Storing scent oils and solids in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight will prolong the shelf life. If you're unsure of how long you've had a scent oil or solid do a simple scent test. If it smells fine, you're good to go. If you smell rancid or funkiness, it's best to toss and purchase new. 

How long scents Will last on The skin

Because natural scents do not use synthetic stabilizers, they tend to have a shorter lifespan on your skin them chemically manufactured perfumes. Their lifespan on the skin lasts up to around 4 hours, which is the perfect time to take a break, reapply and giving yourself a minute to refresh during the day. 


You can absolutely mix scents together to create your own customized scent completely unique to you. It's recommended to keep within the same scent notes (citrus, floral, woody, etc.) to allow the scents to work together and not against each other. Layering fragrances on the skin will allow all the notes to blend together while still maintaining their individual properties.