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This resale agreement grants the company listed above, herein referred to as "Reseller", the right to sell the products of Made in California. In exchange for that right, reseller agrees to the terms and conditions that follow: 1. MINIMUM ORDERS: Reseller must meet the minimum quantity and payment amount on orders as specified by the seller. No exceptions unless otherwise agreed to by Made in California or in such circumstance of special orders as agreed to by Made in California 2. PAYMENT TERMS: Reseller agrees to pay for the first purchase by credit card or Paypal when placing said order. Subsequent orders may be paid by credit card or Paypal at time of placing each order. Net 30 terms are not allowed. 3.COMPETITIVE PRODUCT REFERENCE: Reseller must never use any Made in California images, including product or model photos, trademarked Made in California name or logo mark, nor the name or logo mark of any Made in California products, nor any name or logo mark designed or intended to be similar to any Made in California product name or logo mark, nor any descriptive or explanatory text, nor any reference to Made in California products in reference or relation to any other company, product or brand name other than those produced or distributed by Made in California without prior written consent. Made in California may discontinue sales to reseller if this policy is violated at any time. 4. ONLINE SALES: Reseller agrees NOT to attempt to resell any Made in California product online via any business sites: EBAY, AMAZON, ETSY or other such third party websites with the exception of a personal online retail site, which may or may not support a physical storefront. Reseller further agrees any online sales meeting the above exception shall strictly adhere to all product(s) MAP pricing, not including shipping, Failure to comply may result in immediate termination of future wholesale pricing or sales from Made in California. Exceptions are only considered if prior written consent has been obtained from Made in California by the reseller. 5. USE OF PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Reseller may use specific photo and/or graphic images and/or specific text provided by Made in California for the promotion of or in conjunction with Made in California products only, and even then only for the duration that Made in California products are being actively offered for resale by reseller and the reseller agreement, terms and conditions are being fully honored. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the termination of future wholesale pricing offers or sales to the reseller. 6. PROPER USE OF BRAND NAME: When reseller uses the Made in California brand name, reseller must represent all Made in California products with full product names in print including Internet, audio, video and all media promotional materials. Made in California and relating product logos should be used in print or publication whenever feasible. Permission to use the Made in California name and all other associated branding is at the sole discretion of Made in California. 7. REPACKAGING: Reseller must never repackage, reproduce or reformulate any Made in California product(s) without the express, prior written consent of Made in California. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the immediate termination of any future orders by the reseller. Private labels may be considered by Made in California. Please contact kc@madeincalifornia.co for more information. 8. SHIPPING: Orders shipped via USPS within the continental USA, unless otherwise specified. Made in California offers a flat rate shipping price regardless of products ordered up to $499, and free shipping on orders of $500 or more. 9. DAMAGE CLAIMS: Any claims for damaged or mis-shipped items must be made within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise by emailing kc@madeincalifornia.co. Returns are only accepted for items that are damaged or mis-shipped. A return authorization number is required and must appear on all related correspondence. Reseller is granted a return authorization number by Made in California. Reseller must return mis-shipped merchandise in 100% resellable condition to receive credit for the product. Freight charges may apply. Made in California does not accept returns at end of season for products unsold. 10. PRICING: Wholesale/MAP prices are subject to change without notice and at the discretion of the Made in California. Violation of MAP pricing standards set forth by Made in California. may result in the loss of wholesale pricing and order availability to the reseller. Wholesale/MAP pricing at time of purchase will be honored on orders set with a future ship date. 11. TERRITORY PROTECTION: Made in California reserves the right to deny sales to a licensed reseller based on proximity to other Made in California customers. Resellers with protection will be determined by/at the sole discretion of Made in California. Made in California reserves the right to protect/unprotect territory with or without notice to the reseller. Territory protection policy subject to change by Made in California and/or its affiliates.
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