Chicks Before Pricks. Perfume

Chicks Before Pricks. Perfume

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Cinnamon Leaf~Lavender~Palo Santo~Basil~Thyme

Giddyup and go on a desert trip.

Lose yourself, and your inhibition, with the beat of your heart and the scent of the desert sands.

Be seduced with the aroma of cinnamon leaf, lavender, palo santo, basil, and thyme.

It’s time to paint with all the colors of the sand.

This carefully cultivated blend combines a two-month infusion of crushed cinnamon sticks, organically grown lavender, basil and thyme, and palo santo wood from the coasts of South America with organic olive oil and a blend of pure essential oils. 

Net Weight:  sample: 0.025 oz. / full: 1 oz

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Note: Because each of our scents are carefully handcrafted in small batches from nature’s finest ingredients, color and individual note intensity can vary between batches and seasons.