Smudge The Bitch Away. Sticks

Smudge The Bitch Away. Sticks

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No need to burn the house down to vanish those bad vibes.

These all natural, hand wrapped herb based smudge sticks are ready to bring in the good, and kick the bad straight in the keister. Use sage to banish bad vibes and lavender to get cozy.

So, light it up and burn the bitch away to free yourself from negative energy.

Bye bitch, bye.

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Note: Light the end of the smudge stick with a lighter, and let it smolder and fill your space with gentle smoke. Relight as needed. Be sure to have a bowl to place the smudge stick in to extinguish. Never ever leave the burning smudge stick alone and always be smart and careful when it comes to playing with fire. Duh.