Naturally made small batch perfumes, colognes and more. Smell good, get laid, be happy.

let's talk about scents baby.

We go together like perfume and people, pugs and poots, and… ok ok we’ll cut the crap, we want your money, and you want your customers’ right? So let’s help each other out.

Customized perfume and cologne is the name of the game. Scent, solid, or spray using ingredients celebrating your local, your vibe, or your brand. Perfect for hotels, boutiques, and other merchandising. Just scroll down for more information and fill out the form below to get started.

We're making the world a better smelling place, together, so what could go wrong? Well, a lot, but we prefer that whole whiskey glass half full thing.

What can we say - we're optimists.

smells like you need us.


air fresheners.

Each hand cutdair freshener is crafted from 100% reclaimed wood, hand sanded and sealed with a water-based non-toxic sealant making it completely phthalate, paraben, synthetic, cruelty-free, and vegan. Topped with a blend of pure essential oils means you hang it anywhere that needs a little freshening up.



These carefully cultivated blends combines a two-month infusion of plants, herbs, florals, spices, and other natural ingredients with organic olive oil and a blend of pure essential oils to produce an intoxicating aroma that'll drive all your crushes wild.



Our intoxicating scents in solid form. These little tins of heavenly goodness blend our carefully cultivated oil infusions, pure essential oils, and beeswax to make this the daily accessory you need in your hip little pocket to make the world take notice and sniff you.



Spray away baby. These bottles pack a scent loaded punch with our combo of our infused oils blended with infused alcohol, witch hazel, pure essential oils and triple filtered rain water to make a spray that'll make you say "Heeeeyyyyy!".


here's the facts.


custom scent development.

When we say custom, we mean custom. We take your likes, dislikes and goal for the scent and develop something pretty intoxicating (if we do say so ourselves) that you'll be able to smugly look at all your competitors and say "neener neener neener". 

all inclusive development cost.

Our development fee includes scent development, samples sent for your approval, narrowing down packaging options for you to have the perfect bottle to house your custom scent, custom designed Made in California label, and one full size sample shipped to you to enjoy before you place your first wholesale order. Because who says that the Queen of England is only allowed to get the royal treatment.   



lead time.

We use old school techniques and make all our products in very small batched by hand so there's just no rushing the good stuff. On average, our diffusers take approximately 2 weeks to craft and ship and our custom scents, solids and sprays take 6 - 10 weeks to develop and ship. If we can ship out sooner we will, but please plan accordingly when ordering for a specific season or holiday. 


Development fees are due up front and are nonrefundable. Payment is due when placing your order (we take all major credit cards, processed securely through Stripe).

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Want to carry Made in California scents in you store? Of course you do. Visit our wholesale page for more info.

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