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what's up home slice.

Do your love the thrill of turning people on to new brands and trends that you discovered first? Do you love when complete strangers stop you in the street and comment on how awesome you're style is and you're all like, yeah, I know (hair flick)? Have you every secretly wished you were part of the "Breakfast Club" and have done the dance scene start to finish in the privacy of your bedroom (aka one of the greatest movie sequences of all time)? Then you might just be our next, best Brand Rep!

Made in California products are available for wholesale for online shops, brick and mortar stores, hotels, and more. And, we want awesome, funny, energetic, and driven people like you to help spread the word to build our stockist list across the United States.

So, if you're outgoing, got some slick selling skills, can totally go approach a stranger and talk to them without breaking out into a cold sweat, and are all about brand loyalty then we want to talk to you.

Scroll down for more information below and fill out the info form to let us know you're interested in being part of our smelltacular squad. If we feel that you're a fit, we'll probably start following you on IG and liking every one of your posts.

Here's hoping that you're our new bestie.


here's the facts.

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It's all about the money, honey.

Every time a new wholesale customer that you schmoozed signs up as a Made in California stockist, you make bank. When they place their first order you automatically receive a $25 finder's fee. All for just being your sweet and charming self. Not a bad deal, right?

baby, live that fantasy.

Love Made in California products and want to douse yourself in them like gold teeth, Grey Goose, trippin' in the bathroom, bloodstains, ball gowns, and trashin' the hotel room? Sweet. Get 25% off any purchase at any time with your own unique discount code. Because, you're totally a royal.



employee of the month.

With just a 3 store outreach requirement per month, the more brick & mortar stores you pop into and schmooze the more you can earn. We're not saying that you'll definitely be the employee of the month but your chances are looking pretty good at getting your plaque on the wall for all to see. Won't your mom be proud.

back off this is my territory.

Because we're all about fairness around here, we only allow a limited amount of brand reps per area so rest assured that you won't be getting side stepped by the competition. We don't condone it but you can totally shout from the rooftops that this is your territory, son. Word.



smell it, smell it, now take it.

We provide you with product samples and info cards to give to potential new wholesale customers to win them over to the Made in California side. And when you run out, you just order some more. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So, tell us about you.

We just need some information from you first.

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