Fergus, the ultimate ladies man.

This poor pooch couldn’t stand the chemically laden fumes of his favorite lady’s derriere, so he set out to change the world, one scent at a time. What’s the point of sniffing butts if they don’t smell good, right gentlemen?

He embarked on a journey of scent-discovery, and came back with the most natural ingredients, creating small batches of perfectly handcrafted scents to make the ladies swoon.

And swoon they did.  Men, women, cats, everyone wanted a “sniff” of the action. So sniff they did, high, low, to and fro! They hunted down the source of his delicious aroma, but only the most worthy could find its source, and they flaunted their fragrance proudly!

When you wear our scents, you win. And when you win, Fergus wins. And when you score, it’s a score for everyone.

From fake fragrance, to tail-wagging organic odors, you’ll put the wow back in bow chick a wow wow.

So, are you worthy to wear eau du pug?


fergus montgomery.


The ultimate ladies’ man, and your new wingman. He invents the scents and makes women want him and men want to be him.



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