raised in Southern California just a few miles away from the ocean with the mountains to the north and the deserts to the east, i have always been fascinated with the natural world around me. 

battling chronic migraines since i was a very young child, i have always been extremely sensitive to chemically based scents and products. a mere walk by a candle store could instantly activate a painful migraine with one sniff. needless to say, i did not partake in the bubble gum or wild cherry scents of my youth.   

so, I began creating my own scents and products as a healthier alternative to the chemical filled options on the market that i was allergic to. within my scents,  i focus on pulling inspiration and ingredients from the natural world, utilizing old school techniques paired with eco-friendly practices. blending a combination of ingredients grown in my gardens with wild harvested plants picked fresh at their peak, i hand process them to preserve their potency while pairing them with other responsibly sourced ingredients from small farms and independent ingredient suppliers across the united states. 

as a chronic migraine suffer, i only make and sell products that I use myself. combining my knowledge with my stronger then normal sense of smell allows me to create unique scents that not only smell really, really good but are actually good for you.

based in san diego california, I handcraft each one of my scents and multi-functional products from plant to bottle with my three pug kiddos (fergus, gracie and annahbelle) giving the final sniff of approval.

when i don't have my hands submerged in the earth, i'm usually busy telling smart ass jokes, co-directing a film production company, taking photographs for money, or writing down both random and pondered thoughts for all of the world to see.